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About Us

Founded by us ln the beglnlng. We choose to kNOW the energy we are is one with nature..... We are here because we kNOW the energy that we are and choose to maintain health and wellness by what we consume physically and mentally. As we take this path as herbal artists, we experience the energies of these plants and the benefits that they bring. We choose to share with others these simple and effective methods that can be implemented in anyone’s lifestyle to bring not only physical change but also mental change. On the physical side we choose to be more mobile, more active, and all this activity comes with a clear mind, a mind that is not bombarded by the distractions society brings. We choose not to fear what we are, which is nature. Being nature, we see the energy that is being displayed in the body at any given point in time, with this observation we develop an awareness that cannot be taught.

This awareness is one of kNOWing, not only kNOWing what you are or what nature is.. but kNOWing that we are limitless. What we see today is a lot of fear that is being placed on the use of plants and one of our goals is to ease that fear by bonding with these plants in a very relaxed and straightforward way without any confusion. Being that we train with the mentality of kNOWing that we are nature, kNOWing the energy that nature is which is the exact same energy that flows through us makes all the difference in our health and wellness. You may have heard about herbal medicine and other types of medicine. But what we kNOW is energy, because medicine is actually something designed by man and we don’t want to fall into that category of calling herbs medicine. 

Once we do, then eventually you start seeing herbs being use as medicine as we do today. That is where you experience a lot of “drive by herbalism”, and “allopathic herbalism” but when we choose to  kNOW the body and the plants for the energy it is, this is what we rely on and work with to get the mind and body to functioning as one. It’s not that you are sick or have a disease, it’s about nature, and what is the body doing. When you kNOW what the body is doing you have the ability to help the body accomplish what its trying to do by giving it the right energy. This is where you will hear us talk about plant energetics/biomes/energy etc. We choose to keep it simple and effective to get real time results. The only time we have is NOW because tomorrow never comes and no one should be living in the past. So as we move farward we are determined to bring clarity.. This path if you choose, is one that is a lifestyle of kNOWing. lt’s not about energizing the body and then going back to doing the same things that got you ill in the first place. So, if you choose to go on this journey with us, you’re more than welcome........

Why You Should Join Us

Embark on a spiritual journey as a Herbal Artist, training online at your own pace. Connect with a community of like-minded souls through the Herbal Artist Network, guided by mentors in real-time. start your sacred path now!!!

A Big Thanks

"A heartfelt thank you to all H.A.N. members for your unwavering support and constant energy in building the Herbal Artist Network. Your dedication has brought us to where we are today, and we grateful for each of us for belng the one energy we all are.."